Neighborhood Walk and Creative Note

Today, Karl and I walked around the neighborhood. A day for old shoes and warm clothes. I will be wearing my winter coat for awhile. We saw robins, heard red-winged blackbirds, saw and heard cranes in the sky, fallen trees from last year’s storm with clean-up in good progress. Some perennials are beginning – we think they are skunk cabbage. Marsh marigolds will follow. We also saw deer. Some seem young – maybe a year old?

Sadly, we are seeing the death of many ash trees in our area, due to the Emerald Ash Borer. We noted this in different parks last year. There are far too many affected trees in the park forests to be removed. Yet the landscape remains beautiful, as the forests and neighborhoods change.

As a Creative Note, The Arts Page – Milwaukee PBS, hosted by Sandy Maxx, is an interesting program. I learn about artists and art that are new for me. So much courage and creativity, each unique. A lot of sustained work over time, which inspires. I have read many books about creativity and writing.

Photo by Karl
May 2014