more colors

As Spring continues, more colors appear. I love the unique beauty of living more North than when young. Just now, some sun. Before, a grey sky with some blue on the other side of the trees. Many of you would paint the scene so well, a watercolor. Some day I may try.

Yesterday, I saw red tulips in a cemetery and marsh marigolds in bloom. We continue to note the change in the landscape – is treescape a word? – after the storm last year and the ash trees that need to be cut down.

I think of the Spring colors added to the views, and then I think of how the Holiday lights add these colors in late fall and winter. One of my most vivid memories is the drive back North from my mother’s home in the Milwaukee area. From home in one sense, to my soul home here. There were the good emotions of knowing I was useful, and then “North” again. My experience of North. My father’s parents came to this country from Sweden.

We all see the unique beauty of the places we live. I may view a post with many flowers, or go to a garden center in a store here – and then see a few tulips. Both so lovely. All a blessing.

I have learned with our weather by Lake Michigan that a planter from a greenhouse will look very different after one storm. The perennials weather well. And I understand the value of native plants, yet also appreciate that people want to bring something from a previous home to a new home.

Two haiku from my archives:

a sky Georgia O’Keeffe
would paint

painting a new day
with grace and prayer
watercolor sky

Karl took this beautiful photo in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin in late April 2019.