Time and Place

These are photos from 2019 that captured a moment, and that seem unique to this time and place. Seems like a good idea for a December series.

This photo by Karl is from Lake Michigan Today, a post from January 25, 2019.

morning light flowers – February 22, 2019
grateful for flowers from stores all year
Photo by Ellen Grace Olinger

April Sunday in Wisconsin
Snowdrops are first to bloom in our yard.
The photos in the post are by Karl.
April 14, 2019

Bridal Wreath and Hawkweed
Photos by Karl
June 25, 2019

I’ll end this post with a poem from August 22, 2019:
clear air and blue sky

clear air and blue sky
work sounds in the neighborhood

shapes of light on painted walls,
books, wood walls

the art, music, poetry
of everyday life

And this is one of Karl’s photos from the Stuart J. Mentink Memorial Park in Oostburg, Wisconsin from the same August post.

Ellen Grace Olinger