Haiku from 2020

new year sunrise
light fills
the red poinsettia

January 1, 2020

WestWard Quarterly, Winter 2021 issue.

new day
in my older life
sun on evergreens

January 8, 2020

March sunrise
shadows of trees
on cedar garage

March 4, 2020

robin in a daylily

April 23, 2020

after rain
the beautiful earth
and gardens grow

April 23, 2020

sunrise stillness
branches and clouds

April 27, 2020

grey sky
mourning dove
on a birch tree branch

time with the Psalms
a dove on the branch
pictures a poem

April 28, 2020

early May
robin visits
the cedar tree

warm Saturday
in early May
windows open

May 2, 2020

May sunrise
a few more flowers
on the Christmas cactus

May 6, 2020

Daily Haiku: May 19, 2020
Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog 

May garden
daffodils bloom
through the night

May 8, 2020

Sunday afternoon
I know the time
by the light

June 1, 2020

plant with new growth
fills with light
grows towards the light

June 3, 2020

all that has happened
since the last time they bloomed

both joy and grief
over years of lilacs
hope for many more

June 12, 2020

sunrise . . .
some water
for the chrysanthemum

“sunrise” credit: hedgerow #133, autumn 2020 – Caroline Skanne is the Editor.

Ellen Grace Olinger

to be continued

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com