A quiet early morning. I sat still for awhile, checked emails, worked in the kitchen, and read a book. I learn from many authors, poetry and prose. Sometimes new, and sometimes I may reread one poem aloud a few times. And I watch the light through the days, weeks, months, seasons.

This past week, we reached Psalm 150 at Poems From Psalms And Nature.

150 poems
the Psalms

I did not presume any prior knowledge of the Psalms, and also honor that the Psalms are well known by many others. The pictures were from different sources, with credits. Daily work, since March 17, 2020, and only a small beginning in terms of the beauty and depth of the Psalms. Always more to learn. Good to finish my small series, and let it rest now – just be there if someone wants to look at a post.

I decided to pospone the book I was working on until later in 2021. Have peace about this decision. All the content is already on our blogs. This will just be another way to share.

Karl did the work of creating Quiet Christmas Poetry from the site. Our large print chapbook was printed by GT Graphics in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. This time I hope to learn more technical skills, in terms of preparing a book for the printer. I probably have learned more than I know, with our blogs. One day at a time!