2020 Review

I am beginning to review my 2020 Stats.

Acrostic Poem For READING continues to be the most viewed post, after Home page/Archives.

The Reading acrostic post is from April 16, 2010. And I have reprinted the poem over the years.

Readers are from more places than I can name here. I am so grateful to all.

If one person enjoys a post, or a few, or many – how wonderful. I cannot comprehend, and simply say “thank you.”

I also am grateful for the WordPress.com free photo library. I choose the photo that I think works best for a post. Sometimes the artist has many followers, and sometimes an artist is just beginning to publish.

I love how there is room for everyone, and always room for one more, with blogs. I practice here – a place for me to learn one day at a time.

Ellen Grace Olinger