almost December

almost December
shadows of evergreens
on the cedar garage

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19 thoughts on “almost December

    1. Thanks for the comment. As it did for you, the turn to December, prompted me to write a poem, this one:


      Turn the calendar page
      to the twelfth month.
      Prepare to have your ears

      greeted by Yuletide music
      in every store you enter.
      You may find it distracting,

      even annoying. But this year
      set aside your irritation,
      your cynicism. Hear the tunes

      as a longed-for respite
      from the daily assault
      of unrelenting bad news.

      Hear the songs as reminders
      of life-time blessings,
      as harbingers of hope.

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      1. How right you are to remind us of this. Unfortunately, the words have become cliches by now but cliches were popular because they expressed something in the best possible way to be understood by many, so let’s embrace carols and cliches for Christmas.


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