Saturday Morning: Creative Notes

Saturday morning. Before sunrise – about 6:30 AM here. I am grateful that Karl bought groceries yesterday. And I am reflecting upon the year. As I have mentioned, my father was a veteran and then a history teacher. This year, I have spent much more time learning about history. There are many ways to learn – one story at a time, a chapter in history, art created during that time, a memorial service, and the letters someone wrote that were later published. Sometimes I listen to a science or history program, and I know I am barely beginning to understand. I often say, if I learn 10%, I know more than before. And as a writer, I like to hear and learn vocabulary from different fields of work.

Memoirs and letters by artists are also an encouraging way to learn about creativity over time. And when I look at dates on books and music CDs, there can also be years between creative works. Or an artist can record a song again, with the wisdom of an older voice. And I also learned, that if we cannot do one thing, there will be something else. I have been in the hospital two times since we moved here: 1993/early 1994 and 2018. That is a long time between visits. In 2018, I saw that when I could not post, or post very much, others were reading/viewing what was already here. New poems for many – many people in the world! I am so very grateful.

This year, I bought White Bird – Anthology Of Favorites by Judy Collins. My copy is from Amazon. And as I have written, I am learning from Joni Mitchell’s work with her archives.

I have seen how artists also work very hard at health, so they can keep working. Health first.

Floral Heart Bouquet is courtesy of Reusable Art.

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