December Poems: 2009 – the present

lighting the
Christmas candle
tiny flame
the night

December 2009
Hermitage 2005 and The Writers’ Bistro 2007
Quiet Christmas Poetry 2014

Winter storm
evergreen branches
bow to the ground

December 2010

mild December day
pheasants in the fields
apples still on some trees
poems to write
many books yet to read

December 2011

preparing a meal
of fresh vegetables
New Year’s Eve

December 2012

New Year’s Eve
nearing the end
of a book
with many more
to read

December 2013

almost dawn
small pink poinsettia
waits by the window

December 2014

almost too bright
December sun
through leafless trees

December 2015

He giveth snow
like wool:
he scattereth the hoarfrost
like ashes.

Psalm 147: 16 (KJV)
December 2016
Quiet Christmas Poetry, 2014

Thank you to GT Graphics in Sheboygan, Wisconsin for a beautiful second printing of our large print chapbook. Karl and I created this book from the posts at my site, Quiet Christmas Poetry

December 2017

different voices
create new songs

December 2018

New Year’s Eve morning
gardens are happy
to be covered with snow

December 2019

cold – yet from this ground
daffodils will grow

December 2020

older vision
grateful for my chair
by a sunny window

December 2021

Ellen Grace Olinger

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