December Garden Journal

The last few days of December 2021. And the gardens are beautiful. The wreath with a red bow on the cedar tree, gardens with brown plants, and the brick and wood paths to the door. Ivy grew on the cedar tree this year and is still green. I do not miss the flowers, as I know they will return. And I view many photos. Many colors with art on the walls and cover art for books. Small presses and small businesses. Thrift stores. Old sweaters.

There will be days with longer light and snow. Here there are long Winters, cooler Springs, short Summers, and warm Autumns. Lake Michigan is a strong presence. Today the brown and evergreen colors of the December garden – with a red bow on the cedar tree wreath. And holiday lights in the house, and Karl’s Christmas Table.

4 thoughts on “December Garden Journal

    1. Dear Eliza, Thank you. I checked with Karl about your question. He said the weather has been milder with a lot of variability. We recalled when we used to see ice on Lake Michigan to the horizon. He served on the board of the Wisconsin Great Lakes Coalition for years, and montiors the weather from a science perspective. I am interested to learn more, and perhaps can do some research and write a post this Winter. I will share your blog with Karl too.

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      1. Thank you, Ellen. With folks moving around so much these days, it is not as easy to get a multi-decade perspective. We’ve been here over 30 years and the change is noticeable, warmer and less snow, a mixed blessing.


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