Bloganuary: first question

The first question from The Team at WordPress.​com:

What advice would you give to your teenage self?

Although I do not remember learning how to read, math and science took more time. I am grateful for and all I learn here. I am older now, and have also found that the skills I learn here transfer to other necessary work online. I love to learn, and lifelong learning is a goal for all.

There was also the concern about grades – so when I had a choice for a course, it was understandable to choose a subject I loved, where I also knew I could succeed. Today with work online and blogs, we can learn in many ways. And I love libraries!

Now I remember when I was in graduate school (education) and the classes in statistics (over 30 years ago). I found a book by an author that was easier for me to understand, to supplement the class textbook. And I sat in the yard and gave the work a lot of time. We can learn more than we might believe at the time!

So to my teenage self: Continue with what you do well, and maybe a little more math and science too.

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