Bloganuary: January 3, 2022

Write about the last time you left your comfort zone.

I have written about some of the times life has surely called me to leave my comfort zone. The 12th anniversary of this site was in December 2021. New readers may be interested in my post, December Poems: 2009 – the present.

For today’s post about “comfort zone,” I would like to write about smaller things. Sometimes I try a new idea for a post, send work for review to a journal that is new for me, and/or try different colors for backgrounds and patterns for one of my sites. I may try colors that I have not used before, and then I can change them again. In 2021, I learned more about colors. I think about Wendy Brightbill and her art as I write my post for today’s prompt. Wonderful to see her growth since the early days of her WordPress blog: a girl and her brush.

small study
sun reaches the painting
adds another layer

(based on a painting by Wendy Brightbill)
My poem was published in Time Of Singing, Fall 2021.

And along with trying new ideas, simple daily life is good support for my creative life. Health first. After some time creating a new post, for example, the view of the yard from my study and rereading poetry is also a blessing. As readers know, I write many poems about the same views, from home, through the seasons. Perhaps I see a little more of what was always there.

I also began creating Blog Collages, and will try a simple arrangement for this post. This is a good place for me to grow. Thank you, Ellen Grace Olinger.

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