Bloganuary: January 7, 2022

What makes you laugh?

I look forward to the prompts from The Team at I smiled when I read this question. And my first thought is the gift of laughter sometimes in places where laughter might not be expected. I remember a family funeral at a nursing home, and everyone was telling stories. And I know laughter in health care settings, and as I follow my treatment plan. So grateful for a sense of humor.

Surely is possible to be serious and laugh at the same time.

We went to stores this week, and people were cheerful, happy to help, and we all enjoyed conversations. Social distance guidelines observed. I wear my thrift store coat, face mask, sun glasses in the car and parking lots (age-related eye issues), and then reading glasses needed in a store. At first, I felt clumsy, and now all is routine. Health first.

Yesterday, I came across these photos by Karl from January and February 2014.

Lake Michigan
Winter 2014
Oostburg, Wisconsin
Photos by Karl

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