Bloganuary prompt for January 29, 2022

How are you changing the world?

My first thought is about small things that add together, and truly make a difference. Some of my small poems to share today.

small green plant
in the sunroom
Earth Day

Earth Day was founded on April 22, 1970, by Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin, USA.  You can learn more here.

small flowers
near the kitchen windows
first hummingbird

summer sun
thrift store bowl painted
with leaves and fruit

colder weather
time for my favorite coat
from a thrift store

new space
on a few shelves
donated books

used books
new for me
light on old
and new leaves
of a house plant

soon the garden
will begin in small ways

Ellen Grace Olinger

11 thoughts on “Bloganuary prompt for January 29, 2022

  1. I really appreciate what you said about small things making a difference–that rings true in my heart/spirit. It reminds me what Mother Theresa said–something about how we’re not asked or expected to feed the whole world, just one person at a time. As God leads, I find it very gratifying to do “small things”…which sometimes turn out to be BIG in the lives of others. Blessings to you ❀


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