more to read

more to read
than I can read
so many good books,
posts, journals

then the answer
may be to reread
look out the window
work in the kitchen
write a poem


2 thoughts on “more to read

  1. I fret, at time, over the large number of books I’ve yet to read, both beautiful, tangible and real, those I can hold in my hands and those virtual niceties within the confines of my usefully convenient Kindle. Will I ever read them all? Why do I continue to add to my collection? I’m laughing, in a way, because, I think, does it even matter?!?


    1. Thank you. It’s good to see books on the shelves for the long winters here, or the cover art on a table. Sometimes I buy used books and then donate them again. Have not read from a Kindle so far. Perhaps a mystery too – a book unread for a time, and then perfect at another time.

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