Spring Takes Time – 2

In my post, Spring Takes Time, I wrote that I was reading Winter Morning Walks: one hundred postcards to Jim Harrison, by Ted Kooser (Carnegie Mellon University Press Pittsburgh 2000). I finished reading and now am rereading some of the poems, to also study craft. The last poem in the book is “march 20 The vernal equinox.”

The Published Works Page at Ted Kooser’s site lists and describes his books. Winter Morning Walks was when the author was recovering from cancer treatment. The Cover Painting is also by Ted Kooser.

Some time ago, when I was growing past a health chapter, I read from books and journals, and thought, “Oh, this would have been good to read then.” But the book or journal design was difficult for me to read during recovery. However, as I read Winter Morning Walks, I appreciated the book design. The poetry, print, space around the poems, and being able to write again.

And regarding our post, Garden Notes: Birds, Karl saw a robin yesterday, March 21, 2023.

So many ways to create. Different gifts and seasons. All works together. I also read poems by Emily Dickinson yesterday – will write more in another post.