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I am grateful for your visits, kindness, and encouragement.  I’ve met so many wonderful people through our blogs.  Your art in all its forms inspires me.  Thank you.

Love and blessings,

Ellen Grace Olinger


The photos of Lake Michigan are by Karl Olinger.


This photo became the cover of Quiet Christmas Poetry, which is both a site and large print book.

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  1. Ellen, this is a great idea. Merry christmas and happy new year to you and Karl. It is so beautiful here on the lakefront; there is a lot to write poetry about. Marilee

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  2. Ellen, that is a beautiful picture. I am not writing poetry but I work in a school library and many students show me what they are writing and it is thoughtful work. Marilee

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    1. Hi Marilee,

      Karl has taken many lovely photos and it’s a joy to share them here.

      Libraries are some of my favorite places. And from also working in schools, I can well believe the quality of the work you are seeing.

      Happy New Year!

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