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Winter Basket

As you can see, the basket Karl created with spruce tree branches that were pruned, and decorations from past years, is now outside. The snow today gives the arrangement new life. You can see snow on the wood path Karl built years ago, and gardens where lilies and other plants grow. Our red poinsettia in the house, from Mentink’s Piggly Wiggly in town, is still beautiful. Our Christmas cactus has many buds and is on the table with the poinsettia. I think we will rename the cactus – February cactus? Karl took the photo this afternoon.

A quiet Saturday. Karl is an engineer and is working on a project. I have been reading for hours today in my study.

study window
snowflakes fall all day
on the gardens

Bloganuary prompt for January 13, 2022

What does your ideal day look like?

My ideal day looks like this day.

new flowers
from a store

Free Flower Border Image – Reusable Art

From my archives:

peaceful morning
a prayer from childhood
still with me

treasures stored
here and there
homemade chapbooks

books on the shelf
supported by each other
kindness of friends

new day
in my older life
sun on evergreens

“peaceful morning” was published in Bundled Wildflowers, Haiku Society of America 2020 Members’ Anthology. Bryan Rickert, Editor.

And The Daily Haiku: Nov. 10, 2020 at Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog.

Daisy Repeating Border – Reusable Art

Ellen Grace Olinger

Bloganuary prompt for January 12, 2022

What emoji(s) do you like to use?

I like how the prompts and questions vary. Thank you to the editors at This question is one I am not qualified to answer!

Then I thought some vintage images from Reusable Art – Breathing New Life Into Old Art would create a nice post today. You can learn more at Reusable Art. The content at the site goes back to the 1300s. There are many categories.

old and new
and new again
blog collage

old and new:
a haiku and collage with different images
is from April 17, 2021.

Bloganuary: January 5, 2022

What is something you wish you knew how to do?

I would like to continue on this path, since December 2009 with this site, and improve my technical skills, and create small chapbooks from my posts. There are so many ways to grow with blogs.

This past year, I also enjoyed writing some Christmas cards, and was inspired by Violet Nesdoly in Canada. Her site is Violet Nesdoly author – writer – artist. I bought cards from her Etsy store. It had been some time since I sent handwritten cards. Karl and I wrote notes, over a few days. We also sent the photo of his Christmas Table to family and friends. Winters are long here, and we enjoy decorations for awhile.

I learned of Violet Nesdoly’s work a long time ago from Time of Singing, a print poetry journal.

One step at a time. Sometimes dreams are lost a little, or set aside for many good reasons, and they can be renewed. Daffodils bloom again. And good to have many interests. There are books on my shelves that work well at different times. Gratitude and Hope.

Posts that new readers may wish to view – and thank you for your visits. The Bloganuary 2022 challenge is off to a great start.

Achievement – 12 Years

Twelve years is a long time

Ellen Grace Olinger

Photo by Karl
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Photo by Karl