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Autumn note

Cotoneaster 007

Cotoneaster 001


Karl and I went for a drive yesterday.  The landscape looks more like November, with muted colors, many leaves on the ground, and bare trees already.

Always lovely.  Always a gift to see the seasons as they are, and as they change.

The photos by Karl of the cotoneaster hedge are from our yard a few years ago.  I like how the first one shows part of the birch tree that I write about so often.  The photo of the flowers shows one of the cloths from my family on the little table.  I think this one may have been from my great-Aunt Marie.  She also worked in special education.  As I was reflecting with Karl yesterday, my path as a teacher for many years seemed my destiny.  I will always be grateful that I could give 20 years to special education.  All of the children had special gifts.   I worked with many good people, and am still in touch; grateful for friendships.  Seasons of life too.  I played school when I was a child.

How are the seasons where you are?

Hope you have a beautiful week, Ellen

Autumn reflections



the beautiful

how brilliant
the light

as days grow shorter

water sparkles
and birds and
butterflies leave

to bless others now
and return again later

from my mother’s home
have found their places
in this home

two paper file boxes
filled with poetry
become a table
covered with a cloth

and another decorates
a tall file cabinet

with a pattern
with orange hearts


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wind and waves


Yesterday, Karl and I enjoyed a nice meal at Sheboygan’s Family Restaurant.  We both noticed the wind in the treetops, and then in the fields of corn as we drove home.  The wind creates waves similar in form to what we see on Lake Michigan.

We also went to Bethesda Thrift Store.  I found two old-fashioned devotional books, similar to what I hope to create some day.  Karl found some gifts for a friend.

Hope you have a nice weekend, Ellen


The pictures are courtesy of wpclipart.

Autumn Grace


I reprint this poem every year, it seems.  A gift.  “Autumn Grace” was published in Bell’s Letters Poet, WestWard Quarterly, and SMILE.  The picture is another drawing by Kate Greenaway, from the Public Domain section at Karen’s Whimsy.


leaves of bleeding hearts
now gold
so do broken hearts mend
so does grief heal
Autumn grace