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cedar tree shadows

cedar tree shadows
on the cedar garage
early light

red begonia plant
in sun by the door
late afternoon

near windows
sun on leaves where
hummingbirds were

today and yesterday

small flowers
near the kitchen windows
first hummingbird

May 8, 2021

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warm August morning

warm August morning
orange lilies bloomed
and now rest – hosta too
today a red cardinal
visits the birch tree
in a garden with
red geranium flowers

These are a few of my haiku with birds, over the seasons and years.

birds in the painting
from the thrift store
forever in flight

how small the song
of an unknown bird
quiet memories

time for lunch
cardinals by a pumpkin
in the garden

near the garage
on a cold March day
bird songs

robin in a daylily

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July Poem from 2015

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how a day
can begin
one way
and then change
skies are dark
power is lost
for a moment
rain . . .

and then
I open a window
a little

and the same
birds sing again

Ellen Grace Olinger

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