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Winter drive

Yesterday, we went to Schwarz Fish Company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin – the Wholesale Location this time. Then a drive to see the decorations and lights in the area. Karl observed that already the days are a little longer. Beautiful to watch the natural light change. All beautiful, whether someone created a grand display of lights, or a simple wreath.

Winter drive
holiday lights in Sheboygan
and small towns

a poem a song

a poem a song
we review important
dates on the family calendar
past and present
last week of December
and early in the new year


Christmas Table

Karl created this beautiful Christmas Table by the patio doors yesterday. The poinsettia is from Mentink’s Piggly Wiggly in Oostburg, Wisconsin. He used branches from our Norway Spruce tree, that had to be pruned, for the arrangement in the planter – a container he had saved from a gift. He also has saved ornaments from wreaths over the years. The tablecloth is from my family. Karl bought LED holiday lights some time ago. He waited until late afternoon to take this photo.

Christmas, Winter, New Year

The Quiet Christmas Poetry site is a free version of our large print chapbook. We donated copies to libraries and other places. Karl’s classic Lake Michigan photo is the Cover Art.

and humility

cold country night
two deer in the front yard
graze in starlight

Christmas night sky
becomes sunrise
tree branches
covered with ice
glisten in the sun

new year
on the horizon
simple lines
of barns and trees
in the fog