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Reflections – Two Short Poems

reading old letters

reflections of Christmas lights

on the water

S  ilence
E  nlivens
A  nd
S olitude
O  pens
N  ew thoughts

“Reading old letters” is a new poem. The acrostic for “Season” was previously published on this blog (March 19, 2010).  Christmas cactus photo by Karl. 

The acrostic poems are some of the most viewed posts here. People of all ages enjoy them! 

December ~ painting by Eric Sloane ~ and three poems

Painting by Eric Sloane.

Three December Poems

cold country night
two deer in the front yard
graze in starlight

Christmas CDs
playing with the volume low
in the fields
the beauty of harvested
corn in snow

Food Pantry collections
warm greetings
and offers of help with groceries
old-fashioned kindness
warms our hearts

* * *

The painting is courtesy of Dover Publications.

Light Along The Horizon

I’m musing about Christmas and all the ways Light shines through darkness. 

Some of my memories, over decades, when I could offer light and when I was given light:

Teaching a child to read who had given up hope.  Reading to someone in a nursing home.  Writing a poem that uplifts someone.  Saying “no hurry” to someone working in a store and feeling so pressured. Creating new memories with my mother in her last illness. 

Receiving words of encouragement.  Someone at the grocery store insisting upon helping me, having seen fatigue on my face that day.  Reading a favorite book. Looking at art from friends. The wonderful blogs I read each week. Someone understanding.  God’s love.

wall of clouds
at sunrise

light along the horizon
shines and shines

on ripples of water

Christmas memories
created anew
each year

Image courtesy of

Decorations At Night

driving back North
after Thanksgiving

delightful decorations
on streetlights
through towns

lighted shape of an anchor
in the Port Washington harbor

Christmas lights
on a plow
in a field

home from the city
once again

Image courtesy of

A Few Snowflakes

Yesterday we had lots of rain.  In the afternoon, I saw raindrops changing to snowflakes.  No snow on the ground–yet.

This morning I’m enjoying Coffee-Ground Breakfast Holiday Special 2011 (New Northwood’s Journal), edited by Cory Meyer, from Saint Germain, Wisconsin. “A family magazine with Poetry, Essays, Stories, Features and Ads.”

The sun is pouring in and I thought, “I don’t mind the fallen leaves.” 

The image is a sample from Traditional Chinese Embroidery Designs, courtesy of

First Frost On The Fields

first frost
on the fields
when did
the robins

late October
kale for sale
at Home Depot

wearing a second
colorful sweater
first frost on the fields

a roundabout way
and by
Tree Farm

frost glitters on the fields

placing the geraniums
in the sunroom
time to transplant

Image of Kale Lettuce is courtesy of

Bossler’s Christmas Tree Farm is here in Oostburg.  I went to the Home Depot in Kohler for new pots and organic soil for the geraniums.  Now they can live inside for a time.