Category: Contemplation

The Miracle Of Language

letters become words
and words become poems

haiku, tanka, and all the forms
many know better than me

what I know is I need to create
to feel more whole

and rest as much as I need to rest
too high a price when I try too hard

let the work grow at its own pace

each dream its own time
and place


December Beauty

Yesterday, when we returned home from a few errands, I opened the side door of the garage, and saw the autumn leaves on the earth.  This picture moved my heart.  Once the leaves were on tree branches, and now they nourish the gardens for next year.  The trees will grow new leaves.  The same trees.  In time, and this time is beautiful as well.

and humility

* * *

I’m enjoying Martha L Shaw’s series, Thoughts Over Morning Coffee, at In Love With The Lord Poetry and Prose.


books on the shelf

books on the shelf
supported by each other
kindness of friends

* * *

Thank you for your generous support for the book!

I also wrote an update for Quiet Christmas Poetry.

After I craft a formal notice, I will simply leave the Christmas site as a free online version of the book.

The sun is rising here, a beautiful December day.  Blessings, Ellen