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Haiku Gardens

Snowdrops are growing well. I wonder if the lilies we planted last year will return. The daylilies that have grown here for years and years will grow. Although the garden is April, in Summer we will have flowers in the house, because we need to keep the path to the door clear.

Poems from last year:

last week in April
a tulip in the garden
near the cedar fence

April 28, 2021

morning stillness
forget-me-nots grow
among daylily plants

May 21, 2021

Saturday morning
lilies to plant
near the house

June 5, 2021

Photo by alex ohan on

small flowers

they may be
overlooked by some
yet we know
where they bloom

small flowers
old leaves and snow

The gardens are good teachers.

Bloganuary prompt for January 26, 2022

What is your favorite part about yourself?

Whatever gifts I may have are a gift, by God’s grace. I try to take good care every day. For example, I have an appointment with my eye doctor next month; and I may need new reading glasses. Sometimes I adjust the print on my computer, so I can read more easily.

Karl and I went to Walmart in Sheboygan last week, and I bought a new Bible with larger print. And I am praying the Psalms again, with good light.

Sometimes I reprint poems in larger print, as others may appreciate these posts, or know someone who would be able to read better with the large print.

At our site, Easter And Spring Poetry, this year I am reviewing posts and reprinting some poems in large bold print. I am grateful for the many ways to design posts and sites. So much more to learn!

I have always loved language.

“In the beginning was the Word . . .”  John 1:1