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Three Spring Tanka By Carol Purington

Pink tulips
and a book of new poems
afternoon tea
from face to face
the prism’s iridescence


and I seek a new way
to the quiet place
where the disciples followed
Jesus into prayer


After much rain
the sun remembers to enter
my morning room–
how soft-shadowed
the dream that woke me smiling

Tanka by Carol Purington, all rights reserved. 

Morning Song: Poems for New Parents, a poetry anthology edited by Susan Todd and Carol Purington, will be published on 4/26/2011, by St. Martin’s Press.

In the Company of Others: A Father Tim Novel, by Jan Karon

I wrote about In the Company of Others, Jan Karon’s most recent novel, in my journal this morning.  I finished reading it yesterday.  This is what I said, in my informal notebook writing style:

Wherever Father Tim and Cynthia go, they help hurting people heal, while talking about their own hurts and growing pains at the same time.  They listen and care and accept.  Point towards God’s love, grace, and forgiveness.

I don’t read a lot of fiction, but gave this book 3 days & wish to reread all of Karon’s novels.  It took me time to get to know the new characters.  I needed the right time–and the snowstorm gave me this time.  But then the book flowed for me as all Jan’s books do.  Because she writes about the universals & writes so well.  

In the Company of Others was published by the Penguin Group.  Copyright 2010 by Jan Karon.   The setting is Ireland.

I watched a video of Jan Karon on her website and she spoke of how she loves her readers.  So true.   She is a deep writer, with a great sense of humor!

Today I went shopping for a few basic things and loved the lavender winter sky.  I thought about how the image could fit into a poem and then decided to simply let it bless me!

Photo by Karl.

Veterans Day

Today I honor my father and others in my family and I’m sure in the lives of readers.  Dad served in World War II, earned his Ph.D, and then taught History for 32 years.   Dr. Harold Borgh was kind and dedicated.  I am inspired to learn more about history, as I remember him. Earlier this fall, I wrote a post in memory of my cousin, Paul F. Brandt, who died in 2006.  Paul was a Vietnam veteran.  My father wrote him letters faithfully.   Paul is honored in Wisconsin for his work in conservation.

Four Haiku For The Four Seasons

Here’s the second Post in the series begun on October 13, 2010.   Photos by Karl and poems by me.

frost soon–

cutting flowers


new poems

in older age

winter wheat

gulls lifting

from the sand

corn an inch tall

home from the city

the beautiful city

stars my skyline

for Milwaukee on a late summer night


“frost soon” —published in The TOP, The Tournament of Poetry, in 1995.  This is the first haiku I can remember writing.   I lost touch with this publication a long time ago, but am grateful to have been included.

“new poems”–I shared this poem with penpals last year and on this blog last December.  The feedback I received encouraged me to focus more on my own writing again.

“gulls lifting”–Published in SMILE (2009, 2010) and Bell’s Letters Poet (2010).   These two print journals included features common to blogs before I had ever heard the word “blog.”   A variety of poems, by well-known poets and beginners alike, with a feeling of fellowship and conversation.

I always feel like I am just beginning.  Thank you.

Poems from FAMILY FARM Haiku for a Place of Moons by Carol Purington – post updated 2/23/2014

Distant thunder
The patter of peas being shelled
into the dishpan


Before rain
the smell of dust
the smell of rain


Heat wave breaks
Snipping yellow roses
in the soft rain


 Goldenrod now . . .
and a monarch poised
on bright asters


Cooling into twilight –
cricket after cricket
star after star


Haiku for a Place of Moons


Carol Purington

Please see Carol’s Guest Post on March 27, 2010 for her biography and more information about Family Farm (Winfred Press, 1999).

Photo by Karl Olinger
Oostburg, Wisconsin

Update, February 23, 2014:  Here is the link to Carol’s poetry page at her family website.

You’ll find more poems by Carol, and information about all of her good books.

This link goes to the Winfred Press site.