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Yesterday, I posted November Wisconsin Countryside, that was published by SMILE (out of print). Today I searched for other poems that appeared in this journal, created by Joyce M. Johnson. I appreciate how I can SEARCH the blog for posts that relate to a theme. Could be a season, garden journal, my study window; and in this post, SMILE and a few other publications.

gulls lifting
from the sand
corn an inch tall

SMILE (2009, 2010) and BELL’S LETTERS POET (2010)

primroses growing
from garden to lawn
deep decades of roots
strengthen my faith
for new dreams

SMILE, 2012

reading the poets
of my parents’
their voices

SMILE, 2010

They Gave Us Life: Celebrating Mothers, Fathers & Others in Haiku, edited by Robert Epstein (2017, Middle Island Press).

morning prayer
water birds flying north
stay close to water

SMILE, 67, 2010

Take-out Window: Haiku Society of America 2014 Members’ Anthology, edited by Gary Hotham.

First real snow
last night
My heart lifts
January light

SMILE (WINTER 2000-01); and reprinted in SMILE (FALL/WINTER 2009-10).

Ellen Grace Olinger – November 2015

November Wisconsin Countryside

November Wisconsin countryside
Bare trees elegant against the sky
Colors in the landscape muted now
October’s glory is gone
And love grows eternally

SMILE, Fall/Winter 2008 – 09

The picture is from November 30, 2011. I wrote “We bought this beautiful poinsettia at Mentink’s Piggly Wiggly Market here in Oostburg last Saturday. Photo by Karl on this blue sky sunny day.”

Creative Note: SMILE, a large print poetry journal, was edited and published by Joyce M. Johnson for years.

Saturday Poems

Saturday morning
lilies to plant
near the house

June 5, 2021

Saturday morning
sunrise reflections
in the window
where the spruce
tree grows

June 19, 2021

Saturday afternoon
yellow flowers
on a table in the sun

August 24, 2019

tree branches
and grey-white sky
a bowl of soup
and giving thanks

list of things to do
but not this moment

November 22, 2014

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