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bright sun and longer days


Yesterday, Karl and I enjoyed lunch at Judi’s Place in Oostburg.  Then we stopped at Mentink’s Market Piggly Wiggly.  It was so cold in the parking lot, with the wind from the North.  We carefully wrapped the bouquet of flowers we bought.  The tulips, irises, and freesias are just beginning to open.

Winter and Spring take time here, but with more light, already the season has changed.  Summers are short, and then the golden Autumns.  Four wonderful seasons, and each day is new.


The flowers are from wpclipart.

sunrise sun

May2011Flowers 017

sunrise sun
through small spaces
in the clouds
how new dreams
may begin

* * *
The poem is from today’s sky, and the photo by Karl is from May 2011.  I have many ideas for new projects.  One is a calendar of poems and photos, perhaps for next year.  Another is a large print chapbook with my short poems about reading, along with photos.

A book from my Easter site is in-progress, which means I am rereading and remembering the posts, and hope to begin with a manuscript in February.

Small steps over time . . .