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daylilies begin

daylilies begin
to bloom in sun
all the years
they grow, flower,
wait through winter
and return again

Karl has taken great care with the hosta and lilies through the years. They grow close to our old house. We keep the path to the back door clear, which means a few bouquets for the house. We have a well, and do not water the gardens. What is there grows well.

Ellen Grace Olinger – 2015

breakfast and a view

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breakfast and a view
of the gardens

work at the kitchen sink
and by the window

words as I look outside
“green garden rain”

daylilies begin to form
their flowers

peonies in the area
bow to needed rain

Photo by Karl
Photo by Karl
Ellen Grace Olinger

beautiful gardens
in all their growth
and changes
over time

old and new flowers

old and new flowers
grow and bloom together
in the gardens

Yesterday afternoon, I heard this poem again (from July 2012).

of summers gone by
voices on the breeze

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