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Spring notes

plants for sale outside
near the doors at Walmart
fragrance of hyacinths

Sheboygan, Wisconsin – April 3, 2021

Sunday drive
new construction
in the area

Easter afternoon
snowdrops still bloom
in the sun

home and a concert
from the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
new for me

There are so many programs that I did not see before at Milwaukee PBS. Now is a good time. We attended concerts in person years ago. I read and write most days, and then watch a program. Home and garden shows, history and literature – often to simply hear a wider vocabulary than what I read often, and learn more about history and creative work in general. Perhaps some ideas for another time; for example sewing again.

Today I began

Today I began looking at books from my mother, that came to this house years ago. I have seen how artists use old books for collages. I was wondering what to do with them. And I am grateful that I waited. I see her name and her handwriting before she and my father married, and then when they were young, and before I was born.

I guess I am ready now.

early morning
and wondering
how best to work
Karl calls to me –
first robin in the yard

Art, Poems, Hope

Every morning, I look forward to seeing and reading poetry. I began this post yesterday.

the window
frames a picture

and other times
one small branch
is the poem –
ever green and a blue

Photos I select may reflect today, or look forward, or may be art that I simply think others would enjoy as well. An artist may be just beginning to publish, or may have a few followers or a thousand or more. Sometimes I can see that someone is staying with a theme, and trying new ideas. Or I can see how different artists create with similar themes.

For now, words are the major part of my days. And I have other ideas if I ever cannot read and write. Creativity will always be there in some form. Always hope.

There are new study window and kitchen window poems here every day. Some get written. So many ways to be creative. Thank you.

Photo by Sanjay Sawant on

Mid-March Beauty

Frozen Woods

Leaves in Puddle


Winter Plants

Photos and captions by Karl
March 13, 2021
The Town of Holland – Sheboygan County