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Winter Poems

This morning, I reviewed some of the poems I posted this Winter. These are a few new poems from 2021 – 2022. I enjoyed the Bloganuary challenge in January.

small town park
seems larger now
no swings on the sets
and no people
bright cold day

Veterans Park
Oostburg, Wisconsin
December 29, 2021

room on the shelf
for another journal

January 4, 2022

small steps
one day at a time
sparrows in the yard

January 28, 2022

old books
new again

February 3, 2022

tall trees still
in the small garden
yesterday and today
as the light changes
and creates new pictures

February 15, 2022

Photos by Karl – April 2013

Short Poems: Flowers and Seasons

T rust
U nderstand
L ove and


sometimes by sight
in my life of faith
apple trees in bloom

rain and
near my window
first daylilies bloom

Friday morning
fresh water
for the daisies

sunrise . . .
some water
for the chrysanthemum

Poems are from my Archives.

“sometimes by sight” was published by Time Of Singing (2014).

“sunrise . . .” was published by hedgerow #133, autumn 2020; and was the Daily Haiku: February 16, 2021 at Charlotte Digregorio’s Writer’s Blog.

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