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March poems

late afternoon sun
shines into my little
study longer
another Spring
is given

a new river of
poems begins to flow
as I grow older
still reading by natural light
late afternoon sun

March 18, 2010

new library books
and wandering home
on all the roads
fields, spring air, sky
first red-winged blackbird

March 9, 2012

old weathered trees
in afternoon sun
seem so peaceful
why worry about leaves
not just yet
the sun is longer
and maybe warmer
and the sky is blue

March 10, 2015

Flowers from a store – March 2016

Poems and Photos
Ellen Grace Olinger

June 2

The pattern of clouds is beautiful, with plenty of room for light. No wind, branches are still.

June 2
I watch the sky
wait for the sun

Journal Poem
June 2, 2019
Ellen Grace Olinger

Roses: Poems and Photo

only now beginning
to find my place and poems
late-blooming rose
from the bush
planted long before
we came here


turning the vase
of flowers
there are
more roses

(Published in Bell’s Letters Poet.)


growing older
goldenrod and roses
refreshed by rain


100_6639 (2)

Karl took this photo on September 17, 2016 – the last rose that year.


“He hath made every thing beautiful in his time…”

From Ecclesiastes 3:11a (KJV).

Ellen Grace Olinger

Good To Grow Older

Years go by, and it is interesting to reflect upon major events and small remembrances.

A favorite coffee mug is from a restaurant that is no longer there.  My mother bought another mug, with my name.

Lake Michigan seemed timeless years ago, yet the water levels and beach have changed a lot over the years.  Always changing, and beautiful.

The sunflowers remind me of a field of sunflowers I saw when I drove back north from my mother’s home for several years.  I loved learning the country roads.


no longer
a stranger
the joy of being able
to share long stories
of this area


home from Sheboygan
grateful for the same roads
this long


five roads
from this corner
now I know
my way home
on them all


roses in the sun
some ending
some beginning
and some in full bloom
good to grow older


Ellen Grace Olinger