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Short Poems for March

This morning, I am reviewing our March archives.

S pring
P romises
R enewal
I nspiration and
G rowth

Published in SMILE (Spring 2011).

late afternoon sun
shines into my little
study longer
another Spring
is given

a new river of
poems begins to flow
as I grow older
still reading by natural light
late afternoon sun


for my mother

The background is red
her hair has become silver
and her dress is rust.
Her smile these days is pure gold
and her eyes sparkle anew.

Published first in Time of Singing, 1993.

And I will add this poem from January 2016.

another year
has passed since
my mother’s passing
I sit and quietly read
a book she would like too

Lake Michigan
March 29, 2014
Photo by Karl

Poems and photo from our archives

I searched for “icicles” and remembered some posts. Here are a few.

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bright sunrise
icicles on fallen branches
near the water

November 21, 2018

calm grey
with a hint of blue
day beginning

looking up
from words –

December 26, 2013

clear blue skies
rest my eyes
icicles melting
and willows already
look gold in the sun

still I cherish
this winter time
and will long for it
some summer days
when the gardens
are overrun

January 14, 2013

I wonder where
some years have gone
many are here

From my poem, how beautiful this day, March 3, 2019.

Lake Michigan
Oostburg, Wisconsin
February 15, 2020
Photo by Karl