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learning a new map

learning a new map
one day at a time

I wrote this haiku today in response to Aubrie Cox’s “doodle” for March 20, 2012. 

The link to her blog is

My post on March 17, 2012 also explains a little about her project this month.   Her sketches are wonderful, and they inspire poems and conversations.  Thanks to Cara Holman too for encouragement!  Her link is

Yay Words! – Aubrie Cox – “A celebration of language and the written word”

If you have a moment this weekend, and would like to write a haiku, tanka, or small stone in response to a “doodle” (beautiful sketch) by Aubrie Cox, please visit her site:

This is her special project for March.  I began visiting more this past week and am having a wonderful time! 

On a tired day, I wrote a response to Aubrie’s March 3, 2012 doodle:

so weary now
in some ways
still so new
morning coffee
and poetry

Poets are simply enjoying themselves.

Poetry is surely timeless and renewing, whatever our ages.

“Yay Words!” by Aubrie Cox

A Haiku For Caregivers

This haiku is from the caregiving years with my mother.  Enola Borgh lived on earth from 1917 – 2004.  Love keeps growing.  A mystery.

Snow melting

                in March . . .

                                my mother’s new smile

Published in Time Of Singing (Vol. 30, No. 1; Spring 2003).

Painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir: Les Roses dans un Vase, c. 1910 – 1917.  Courtesy of Dover Publications.  From 120 Great Flower Paintings.

UPDATE, September 28, 2014:  I have a small site, Grief And Acceptance.  Blessings, Ellen

Feeling new poems

Feeling new poems

       fallow fields

              waking up


Published in TIME OF SINGING
(Vol. 27, Number 1; Spring 2000).

The image of the Marsh Marigolds
is courtesy of Karen’s Whimsy.