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Daily Prompt and Poems

Write about your dream home.

Daily writing prompt

A place, a small study, a garden, books, blogs . . . this time. Prayers.

clouds and blue sky
snow on spruce tree branches
near Lake Michigan

reading Psalms
in the sunroom
fragrance of daffodils

another summer
art on the wall
by someone
long ago still
speaks to me

Thy statutes have been my songs
in the house of my pilgrimage.

Psalm 119: 54 (KJV)

“another summer” was published on June 6, 2022, by Scarlet Dragonfly Journal A Daily Journal of Japanese Short-Form Poetry, edited by Kathleen Trocmet.

Photo by Travis Saylor on


As beautiful
as the other months are

and I think of daffodils and
daylilies, and October leaves

there is a special beauty
in November

just now forsythia leaves
are green-yellow, near the
yellow chrysanthemum
on a green chair, and the
old cedar tree and garage

Image: Karen’s Whimsy


The roses we bought last week were fading a little. Karl trimmed them and gave them fresh water. A few are arranged in a bowl and two are in a blue vase.

Roses in a Bowl by Kate Greenaway, Reusable Art
Orange and Pink Roses by Ida Waugh, Reusable Art.

Daffodil Years

Flowers from a store and our gardens

Ellen Grace Olinger – March 2017 – flowers from a store
Photo by Karl – April 2019
Ellen Grace Olinger – May 2016
Photo by Karl – May 2020
Photo by Karl – May 2020