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green leaves
on the birch tree

outside my window
will turn gold



the evergreens

and I will see


of the sky

A Quiet Day

A quiet day and listening listening.  As so many have documented, it was a challenging hard summer for so many people.  We will be able to let this one go more easily, it seems, and not take a field of corn for granted again anytime soon. I bought a bag of Wisconsin potatoes on Sunday. 

I hear crickets

owls calling in
the predawn hours

crows during the day

fewer boats now
the beach quiets down

a hint of gold in the soybeans

even a few signs
of corn for sale

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sun rises later

sun rises later
I have less energy now

the years when I could
no longer achieve the same
made me a poet

these words on a page, a post
as we tell our stories
and hope to help another

we grow our art
a post at a time

middle-aged and older by the day
loved ones in Heaven
a cousin called Home
when he was 60

I think of these things
as I thank God for the
beauty of each day
and pray for many more

the willow weeps

a symphony sings

The image is a free sample
from Repeatable Backgrounds – Liquids and Gels
(Dover Publications).

waiting for the poems

I’ve been listening to quiet music and watching birds fly across the sky at sunrise.  Not migration, simply flying.  Some in a small group, some with another, some alone–but within sight of others.

solitude at sunrise
waiting for the poems
that arrive if I give
them this time

let them be themselves

sometimes alone

with a friend

a group

this balance
we all try for

The images are courtesy of Dover Publications:  From Owen Jones’ Chinese Ornament.

sun begins to shine

sun begins to shine
from the South
into the kitchen

Wisconsin begins
to green again
after drought

for shorter days
more of night sky
shooting star

The first image is from Paisley Designs.

The second image is from William Morris Designs.

Free samples from Dover Publications.