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Saturday, November 19, 2022. Grey sky and Norway spruce tree by my computer windows.

The work of everyday life, with gratitude. The last few weeks, I have been listening to Thanksgiving: A Windham Collection (1998 Windham Hill Records). Timeless music and peaceful.

It is interesting how a few images can offer inspiration. This year the yellow chrysanthemum on the old green chair near the forsythia offers so much beauty. This is a sheltered place, near the cedar garage and cedar fence that Karl built.

And the cedar tree.

Garden Journal
New Year 2020
Photo by Karl

The weather changes

The weather changes and there is snow on the seawalls, the ash tree stump and hosta plants, and the goldenrod that grew tall.

morning work
in the kitchen
peaceful time

study window
evergreens and sky
November winds

Veterans Day


Last year I wrote (and shared poems):

My father was a veteran and history teacher. This year, I am growing a new interest in history. There are so many ways to learn. Prayers for peace . . .

I have continued to learn more about history. There are so many stories to honor and respect. My parents had “big picture faith.”

We Voted Early

Karl and I voted early this week. On Tuesday, we drove to our voting place at the Town Of Holland Sheboygan County – Wisconsin. A clerk was there to receive our absentee ballots. Karl had checked the hours and days open earlier in the week.

We also went to some local stores. This late summer and fall have been busy. Medicare Wellness Visit for me (health conditions stable), the updated COVID booster and senior flu shot for both of us. More appointments next week.

Grateful, and blessings to all.