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Christmas morning

holiday lights
on the mantel
moments of grace

Ellen Grace Olinger, USA

Scarlet Dragonfly Journal
A Daily Journal of Japanese Short-Form Poetry
Editor Kathleen Trocmet
My haiku was published on November 20, 2022.

And my poem is from December 2012 here – the years go by and grateful that poems can be shared again. I will post again later today. Take good care and blessings! Lights and moments of grace continue . . . thank you.

Creativity Over Time

When I write posts that review work over a long time – for example, my post yesterday for the Daily Prompt – it is an encouragement to see creativity over time.

Times I have been unable to write I was still growing as a writer. And someone may have been reading a poem from years ago.

the years
that were so hard
and yet
they gave me
my stories

gifts of silence
and beauty
in the middle
of difficult times
unconditional love
are the stronger
memories now

The seasons are an inspiration.

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What could you do less of?

Daily Prompt

A related question might be, What is most important?


writing and reading
I don’t see the dust

then seeing
I remember

and know He does not forget

and understands
with Love

Psalm 103: 14 (KJV)

For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth we are dust.

Ellen Grace Olinger

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mild December day

mild December day
pheasants in the fields
apples still on some trees
poems to write
many books yet to read

December 2011