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Library Book


Last week I mentioned that I went to our Oostburg Public Library.

One of the books I borrowed is BEST LOVED POEMS TO READ AGAIN & AGAIN The Most Moving Verses in the English Language, Compiled by Mary Sanford Laurence (1991, Galahad Books, New York City; Copyright 1979 by Hart Associates).

I am enjoying the collection so much, and am reading many poems aloud.  Some of the poets in the book are Joyce Kilmer (“Trees”), John Keats (“A Thing of Beauty”), Emily Dickinson (“If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking”), and so many more – including Author Unknown.

From Mary Sanford Laurence’s Foreword:  “Poetry satisfies our longing for beauty and for inspiration” (page 23).


The pictures are from wpclipart.

Grey Becomes Blue . . .


Grey skies become blue, farmers work in their fields, and daffodils and forsythia bloom away from Lake Michigan.  The barns in the landscape offer a beautiful contrast with the spring colors.  The picture is courtesy of wpclipart.

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Laura’s Lens Taking a look at the beauty around us pairs quotes by many people, Georgia O’Keeffe among them, with her beautiful photos.

Sunday blessings


Christine Mason Miller self-published Ordinary Sparkling Moments: Reflections on Success and Contentment, in 2008. She promoted her book in many creative ways over time.

North Light Books is publishing a second and revised edition Fall 2015. There is more information on Christine’s books page.  Her work includes her writing, collage art, and her photography.  She is also a teacher.  I read her blog for a time before beginning this blog in December 2009.  If you have a moment to visit her books page, and are interested, you’ll see one of her cards that says “Nothing Fails.”  I have the card on a shelf now, and also when I began this blog.

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My reblog yesterday from Art Discarded is the kind of painting that speaks to me, in terms of what I would like to color or paint; and reminds me of the pictures I created in the past.  I began again this week!

I’ll conclude this post with a lovely Southern Red Trillium from wpclipart.

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Blessings, Ellen


Saturday art notes

I continue to enjoy Art Discarded An online gallery of art that has been tossed to the wayside. 

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Awhile ago, I bought some crayons.  I made several designs, and then life got busy in other ways again.  That’s OK.  I came across a picture my mother had saved of my work, from elementary school.  My pictures “now and then” were similar!

Here is a Bird Coloring Image from Reusable Art – Breathing New Life Into Old Art.

There is also a selection of Vintage Coloring Pages at Free Vintage Art.

birds-29Hope you have a good weekend!  Ellen


The Dover Design Sampler email arrived.  I signed up for this awhile ago from Dover Publications.  These samples are from Plants: 2,400 Royalty-Free Illustrations of Flowers, Trees, Fruits and Vegetables.  On some of your blogs lately, I’ve noticed and admired art and discussions about images in black and white, and in color.  Although the technical conversation is often beyond me, your art is often a welcome rest from the words I love!  Thank you.




Fields And Trees

Karl and I noticed that some people in the area are beginning to tap their maple trees.  We also noticed how the fields vary.  We’ve seen some fields plowed in the fall, with large chunks of soil ready to be turned over as the fields are prepared for spring planting.  In other fields, there are dried cornstalks and corn stubble.  And in others, the corn stubble has been cut to the earth.  The seagulls fly to the fields when they are plowed, and I’ve seen them in fields other times too.

cold winds in March –
each month has
its own character

old songs

old songs
that are ever-new
Spring soon

* * *

From March 2012:

new library books
and wandering home
on all the roads
fields, spring air, sky
first red-winged blackbird