Category: Lake Michigan Poetry


after the storm…
glistening lake-waves
branches coated with ice
and a crow cawing

after the storm
driftwood washes to shore
from other places…
what we let go
what we keep

for my father

Harold A. Borgh, Ph.D (1915 – 1983)

Blue Skies and Books

With the weather this week, I was glad I went to Mead Public Library in Sheboygan on Monday.  Every so often I like to check their new books section, as well as the tables and shelves of special library displays.  I caught myself standing and reading a book, and then realized someone was kindly waiting to look at the books in front of me.   I laughed and apologized, and said, “So many people are here today!” 

blue skies and no wind

glistening in the sun


Saturday Sunrise with Hyacinths

 Twenty Degrees

saw the sun
for a moment

now behind
blue-grey clouds
same color
as the water

Lake Michigan calm

a few
birds migrating


with the sun…

furnace turns on

fragrance of small


stirs the air

with promise of


Hyacinths  courtesy of