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everyday life

Today I was at the grocery store in town, a warm and friendly place.  I’ve been seeing the same people there for years, and that’s a great feeling.

At the check-out, I was telling the kind person bagging our groceries that I didn’t need a bag for the soups, because I was going to put them into the container for food donations (through Campus Life, I believe).

Meanwhile I forgot to press the button to move my credit payment along, and how many times have I used this machine?

I started laughing and said, “I can’t multi-task anymore!”   Just one of those moments that lighten our days.

Then I went to our library in Oostburg and checked out two novels by Jan Karon–time to reread her wonderful books.   Lots of faith and laughter there too.

Margaret Been’s paintings give me the same good feeling.

Tulips from Holland

We bought some purple tulips from Holland.

Sometimes I think I’ll wait until tulips bloom in our yard, planted by previous owners of our home.   Yet, we live in The Town of Holland!

It was in 1846, when the first Dutch settlers came here.

I know this because I am looking at a TIMELINE, a chapter written by June VerVelde in a history book.   Here is the full reference:   Oostburg Wisconsin, Haven of Hope In a New Land.  Copyright 2001  by Oostburg Historical Society.