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sun fades

sun fades
art on walls
and prints
on bookcases
in frames or
held in place
by some small

I take care
to preserve
yet also like
the thought
that in a way
each is then
unique to this

time and place

October 2019 and April 2015

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summer garden

summer garden
some work yesterday
we keep the path
to the door clear
rest in an old chair
careful with the sun
and new ideas for
the garden this year


stores yesterday

stores yesterday
in Sheboygan
summer there

home by Lake Michigan
fragrance of spring flowers
and roses from a store

Rain: Short Poems

afternoon rain
seagulls on pilings
wait to fly again

rain today
red geraniums
by grey windows

fog and rain
near and far
bird songs

rain and wind
flower petals
on the wood porch

R efresh and renew
A ppreciate plants in all their stages
I nvite new dreams as we age and life changes
N ever without hope

RAIN acrostic poem

Spring takes time

Spring takes time
by Lake Michigan
and was an adjustment
when we first moved here

I saw Spring flowers first
at my mother’s home
and then later here
further North and East

each bird and flower now
an event and gift

New poem today, and a few Spring 2022 poems so far, to see the progress:

Norway Spruce tree
covered with snow

March 31, 2022

early April
and warm enough
for rain

April 2, 2022

last week in April
and music is new
bird songs

April 25, 2022

May afternoon
some time outside
without my warm coat

May 13, 2022

every day a gift