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Wisconsin Photos

Country roads, wildflowers, and corn fields – we reflect upon places we visit in our area. And always good to enjoy our gardens.

Sheboygan County
Wisconsin State Park System
September 8, 2018
Photo by Karl

Interurban Trail, Town of Holland
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
September 8, 2019
Photo by Karl

Garden Journal
August 8, 2018
Photo by Karl

Garden Journal
September 2, 2020
Photo by Karl

Storms and Loss of Power

We lost power last night, overnight, and power was restored mid-morning. Otherwise Karl would have set up our generator. This was the second time this summer. We wonder about the many dead ash trees, and have seen work in the general area to remove them. We have lived here a long time, and good to have experience. We have LED lanterns (powered by batteries) and Karl is able to use his cell phone from the second floor. He knows where the cell towers are. So we got updates from the power company. A large area was affected.

Photo by Manuela Adler on

August garden

a few daylilies
and hosta flowers
plants begin
to rest

red geranium
blooms in the garden
and still grows

This is the geranium we bought from Windmill Gardens in Cedar Grove; small red geranium is our post from May 13, 2021. I looked at their Facebook page and they are “Closed for the Season.” We enjoy the small businesses in our area, along with the large stores. Grateful for all.

Photo by Frederik Tischuk on