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some years


some years
I hear them first
and then see them
this year a cold day
on the way home
from errands
with a bouquet
of daffodils and food
we see them first
red-winged blackbirds


The pictures are from wpclipart.

Fields And Trees

Karl and I noticed that some people in the area are beginning to tap their maple trees.  We also noticed how the fields vary.  We’ve seen some fields plowed in the fall, with large chunks of soil ready to be turned over as the fields are prepared for spring planting.  In other fields, there are dried cornstalks and corn stubble.  And in others, the corn stubble has been cut to the earth.  The seagulls fly to the fields when they are plowed, and I’ve seen them in fields other times too.

cold winds in March –
each month has
its own character

birds back


Karl and I went to Arabella’s Family Restaurant in Sheboygan yesterday.  I love these old cities by Lake Michigan, including Chicago and Milwaukee from years gone by.  Many lifelong memories.

As we walked towards the garage earlier at home, I thought of this poem from another year:

in the backyard
birds back
and singing
never too old
to find this new





The images are courtesy of Reusable Art.

Snowflakes in March


Yesterday, with a leap of my imagination, the snowflakes falling outside my study window became little pieces of paper.  Daylight Savings Time begins this month, also Spring here, and the robins and red-wings always return around March 21.  Perhaps because I posted about the Haiku Lessons at The Haiku Foundation, I thought of an idea for a March elementary school bulletin board – or any age, perhaps for a nursing home.   There could be handmade snowflakes with words like Spring, robins, snowdrops . . .Winter To Spring.


The borders are courtesy of wpclipart.