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The roses we bought last week were fading a little. Karl trimmed them and gave them fresh water. A few are arranged in a bowl and two are in a blue vase.

Roses in a Bowl by Kate Greenaway, Reusable Art
Orange and Pink Roses by Ida Waugh, Reusable Art.

window by my desk

window by my desk
frames the view near and far
light, trees, birds, sky
weather and seasons

three windows
in my small study
how the light falls
on wood, art, walls

early morning

early morning
when I wrote a post
and late afternoon
when I read poetry
and listened to music
robin on the branch
by the same window

I look for the small gifts every day. This morning, I thought an idea for a summer 2022 series might be to simply note a few of these blessings.

stores yesterday

stores yesterday
in Sheboygan
summer there

home by Lake Michigan
fragrance of spring flowers
and roses from a store

Poems for June

two red tulips
lean towards sun
perennial friends

I wonder
what today’s poem may be
lilacs in the wind

everything must be
perfect for them this year
irises everywhere

summer sun
thrift store bowl painted
with leaves and fruit

Sometimes I wonder
where the years go
and what the seasons were
they are recorded here

This last selection is from a longer poem, Summer soon – June 7, 2019.