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Robins and Flowers


Karl took this photo of the new robins today.

An iris is almost in bloom in the back garden, where the forsythia and lilac bushes have grown tall.


The roses keep blooming.

Ellen Grace Olinger
garden journal
July 1, 2015

driving home


driving home
on different roads
and streets

these trees are taller

I remember places
that only exist in photos
and memories now

and then
the beauty

of today


loved for years
and now I know your name
blue chicory

The pictures are courtesy of wpclipart.

Poems by Ellen Grace Olinger



FarmersMktJune30 004

A recent Daily Post Prompt asked about Ingredients, and the one item in our kitchen we “can’t possibly cook without.”  It could be a treasure from a relative, food etc.   My answer is vegetables, lots of different kinds of vegetables.  Every day.  I cook with olive oil.

I made a different kind of list yesterday, for craft supplies to buy here and there.  There was a nice discussion in the comments for my post about knitting.  Thank you.

The photo is by Karl, from another summer.  We went to the Sheboygan Farmers Market.