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A Tanka For My Mother

Yesterday, I was inspired to write this poem for my mother, as a comment on  Like my father, her birthday is this month. My new tanka was in response to a haiku by Martin Gottlieb Cohen. This is the link to this specific post on tinywords:

even at the end
especially at the end
her beautiful soul
greater than her illness
sapphire eyes

New Year Begins

how clear
the path today
       snow in the furrows
       of the beautifully
       plowed fields

shades of green and red
new year begins
with the blessings
of fresh vegetables

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A Poem For Each Month In 2011

These are poems from this blog for each month in 2011, beginning with last January and ending with this Christmas.   Thought I’d let the poems mostly create their own pictures this time. 


a new year
leaves of the ivy
turn toward the sun


stems in the snow
in early morning light
not bereft of summer beauty
they shine

“For thou art my hope,
O Lord GOD:
thou art my trust
from my youth.”

Psalm 71: 5 (KJV)


M  arvelous
A  rrival of SPRING
R  enewal of gardens
C  hange of scene…
H  eaven on earth!


Sunday morning
a heron goes for a stroll
on the beach


all the more yellow
because of grey skies


old roses
now in bloom
a few petals fall
from the blue vase
caught by a poem


prayers before dawn
a few fireflies
by the window


a small crowd
waits for the doors to open–
the library


late September
and time with old friends
afternoon sun
shines on leaves
   turning gold


last week in October

fall leaves
fading and fallen

the surprise of a
rainbow at sunset


wall of clouds
at sunrise

light along the horizon
shines and shines
on ripples of water

Christmas memories
created anew
each year


reading old letters
reflections of Christmas lights
on the water

The poem for June was published in SMILE (2011).

A Poem For My Mother – In Remembrance

The poem I posted for my father seems to encourage others.  I am grateful.  So today, here’s a poem for my mother too.  It was published in TIME OF SINGING, the Winter 2006/2007 issue.



third year since

Jesus called Mom home

       Christmas bouquet

       of baby’s breath

       and evergreens

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