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Three Favorite Photos

These are photos and posts that were inspired by The Daily Post Photo Challenges.  The dates link back to posts on this site, which in turn link to the original challenges.


Time  February 5, 2016
Lake Michigan in Wisconsin

. . . there are moments when time seems to rest a little.


Transmogrify  October 31, 2016

I enjoyed sharing the Transmogrify challenge with Karl, as he used to read Calvin and Hobbes, by Bill Watterson.


Local October 14, 2016

blue tarp on Karl’s trailer

Ellen Grace Olinger

Tour Guide

Tour Guide Photo Challenge


Lake Michigan
Oostburg, Wisconsin
March 29, 2014
Photo by Karl


Wisconsin State Park System
Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
September 6, 2017
Ellen Grace Olinger


KohlerAndrae 012

February 21, 2010
Photos by Karl
Winter beauty


Lake Michigan
May 12, 2016
Ellen Grace Olinger

Photo Challenge: Weathered

Weathered – The perennials are beautiful as they grow again each year, bloom, and also as they change.

Daylillies 003

Daylilies – photo by Karl July 2011


This was the last lily, August 2015.

each flower
a star for a time


So many daylilies, we need to clear the path, which means enough for a bouquet.  This photo is from July 2016.


This is a photo from August 2017, with a few hosta flowers and leaves, and daylily leaves.

Ellen Grace Olinger