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Dear Margaret, Thank you! Love, Ellen

Northern Reflections--glimpses of gold by Margaret L. Been

My friend, Ellen Grace Olinger, has inspired me greatly and I sense a deluge of haiku (and related forms) rushing from my soul!  Ellen is a master at the Japanese poetic forms.  She has the rare gift of saying volumes in a few succinct words. 

It’s exciting to be seized by a fresh creative passion!  You can check out some fruit on my currently updated Ekphrasis page on this blogsite. 

And please visit Ellen’s two sites—listed in my blogroll as “Beautiful Poems and Thoughts by Ellen Olinger” and “Poetry Inspired by the Psalms and Nature”.  You’ll be glad you did!  🙂

Thank you Ellen!


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Beauty Nonetheless

This haiga by Kris Kennedy speaks to my heart. Reblogged with her kind permission.

Haiga 365

Sometimes I take a photo that I “just like”.  It doesn’t matter who likes it because I like it.  This photo is one of those for me – not sure why.  It is a photo of peace, serenity, and beauty in its simplicity.  I hope you find similar peace, beauty, and simplicity.  I also hope you have a “beach moment” if only for a few minutes today.  Happy Thursday.

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Friends’ Friday 13

Thank you, Kris! Ellen

Haiga 365

This Friends’ Friday is another special Friday for me.  This week I am sharing haiku from two people who I have met through this blog, whom I admire, and from whom I appreciate their feedback and comments.  Both Ellen and Jeannie always share encouraging thoughts and input.  I admire both of their blogs and highly recommend that you check them out:

Ellen Grace Ollinger – Poems from Oostburg, Wisconsin

Jeannie – The Writternubbin

Thanks ladies for letting me share your haiku this week.

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snippets of landscape – ice falls on rock walls

This Post is by Jane Tims, reblogged with her kind permission. Jane is a botanist and writer; from New Brunswick, Canada.


When highways are built, they often cut through the bedrock, leaving rock walls along the margins of the road.  If these intersect a brook or seep of water, the result is a waterfall on the face of the rock.  In spring or summer, rains can create wild cataracts.  In winter the water freezes, building frozen walls of blue-shadowed ice.  In sunlight, especially when they begin to melt, these ice falls are dazzling.



one warm hand


icicles seep between

layers of rock frozen

curtains separate

inner room from winter storm

glass barrier between blue

light and sheltered eyes

memory of water flows

along the face of the rock

one warm hand melts ice

consolation, condensation

on the inward glass



© Jane Tims  2012

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