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indoor corn plant

The corn plant is tall and I tried some photos yesterday.  The plant lives on the floor, but I put it on a chair to show the new growth.  I saw there are three new leaves on the plant as a whole.  Seems perfect for the new year, and the green is so beautiful.

Ellen Grace Olinger

Christmas Day


These poems are from my archives.   So much of my life is written here now.  Blessings, Ellen

like leaves
on the winter tree
birds on every branch

Karl and I composed this poem last year.


holiday lights
on the mantle
moments of grace


winter storm
evergreen branches
bow to the ground


Christmas carnations
in the vase
that used to hold
fresh flowers for Mom

each in turn
to bless us


reading old letters
reflections of Christmas lights
on the water


winter landscape
old weathered barns
with one evergreen wreath


another year
gone round
and turning to the next
holiday lights on the windmill
in Cedar Grove

… I will hope continually
and will yet praise thee
more and more.
Psalm 71: 14 (KJV)


The pictures are courtesy of Reusable Art.

garden rain


The birch tree is near the back door, so I was only taking photos in the rain for a few minutes.


My pumpkin photos are popular!  So I shall continue.

Ellen Grace Olinger
garden journal
December 23, 2015