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Wreath In Snow


We had our Christmas wreath in the house for a few weeks during the holidays.  Karl bought the wreath at Home Depot in Kohler, on Christmas Eve (half-price).  Then we put it outside, and so pretty in the snowfall from yesterday.  Here’s a new photo of the Lake Michigan beach – the Wisconsin view!  The photos are by Karl.


cold and so beautiful

Pink horizons in the morning as the sun rises and pink clouds as the sun sets.  Steam rises from Lake Michigan.  What a contrast from the summer, when the fishing boats head east on the water early, and then jet skies and other boats during the day.  So many ages and different family groups are in a small space, and it all works out fine.  It’s also true that sometimes these cold days I remind myself that there are times when I long for this quiet.  Our four seasons here in Wisconsin are distinct, and even each month has its own character.  In Illinois, where we lived, spring ran fast to summer; or maybe I was too busy teaching to notice the small changes.  Here sometimes it doesn’t really warm up until July some years.

Always beauty.  Always gratitude.

sitting in the sunroom
with two blankets
and a cup of coffee
reading and looking . . .
sun on the icebergs